Blue Aztec Vinyl Front Project Bag

Blue Aztec Vinyl Front Project Bag£27.00

Pineapple Vinyl Front Project Bag

Pineapple Vinyl Front Project Bag£27.00

Crochet Project Tote Bag - Blue

Crochet Project Tote Bag - Blue£70.00

Knitting Project Tote Bag - Green

Knitting Project Tote Bag - Green£75.00

Knitting Project Tote Bag - Grey

Knitting Project Tote Bag - Grey£70.00

Hello and Welcome to Stitchamajig

Hello and welcome to my little store smiley 

Here you will find many of my lovingly handcrafted items such as project bags, dolls clothes, shawls, accessories and more. 

New items are added on a regular basis so please come back again.

I also have a vast selection of cross stitch magazines and the charts have been carefully removed and listed individually covering many different themes and topics. 

Still so many to add!

A little bit about me - I have been a crafter for the majority of my life. My first make was at the age of 7 when my mum taught me to knit and I made a dress for my Sindy doll. Apart from maths, English, shorthand and typing my only other qualification was needlework. I avidly made all my own clothes back in the 70's and 80's and then turned to knitting all my children's clothes. I then moved onto cross stitch in the 90's and then didn't craft for about 15 years! More recently I have taken up cross stitch again and rekindled my love with the sewing machine. I am due to retire soon but alas being a single lady that doesn't look like it will happen and so my journey begins to create a small income to help in my retirement.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon :)

Ann X